3 Days of Music: Songwriting Workshop

Mon, 21.8.2017 to Wed, 23.8.2017

Der Workshop “3 Days of Music” findet bereits zum 6. Mal in Gleisdorf statt. Neben den Disziplinen Stimme, Schlagzeug, elektrische Gitarre, Bass, Saxophon und Klavier wird zum 4. Mal auch ein Songwriting-Workshop angeboten. Die Lehrenden sind professionelle MusikerInnen – so auch Chuck LeMonds, der den Songwriting Workshop abhält.

Der Songwriting Workshop

The songwriting workshop is designed to welcome all levels of experience, where Chuck LeMonds holds a space where there should be enough time to write a song and get ideas for more. Creative writing exercises deepen the participants connection to their inner voice that feeds the images flowing from the deep unconscious needed to add juice to any song.

The exercises show ways to get unstuck after having started a song and not knowing where to go, and how to deal with the inner critic which may block the creative flow.

From 9 am til 3 pm, the group works on writing exercises, where Chuck LeMonds also works on a one to one basis, giving feedback, if it’s requested, or discussing various ways to go about the process.

From 3pm til 5 pm, all participants are a part of an ensemble and prepare 3 or 4 songs to be presented to the entire group on Wednesday night at the Kultur Keller in Gleisdorf. There are also jam sessions on Monday and Tuesday nights.

For more information please check out the Facebook site: 3 Days of Music-Workshop https://www.facebook.com/3-Days-Of-Music-WORKSHOP-143740792358271/

About Chuck LeMonds:

Chuck LeMonds has been writing songs for going on 40 years, and has released 10 albums of his songs. The latest being “a walking paradise” which he recorded in a duo with electric guitarist Klaus Ambrosch and which was released in summer of 2016. His album “The Rivers Call” released in 2013 was voted album of the year by Americana UK. He has worked with many nationally and internationally recognized musicians and songwriters, and has toured extensively in the US and in Europe. For more information: www.chucklemonds.org